Saturday, October 11, 2008

I know, I know. I'm not keeping up with this blog like I should be. We've just had a lot of visitors lately, and I've actually been able to get out of the house a few times! Hubby's parents came for a visit when little P was about a week old.

Then hubby's sister and her boyfriend were down for a few days, and little P had his first experience bowling. Well, okay, he really only sat in his little car seat at the bowling alley and actually, he slept through the entire thing so he didn't even know he was there. Still, Mama bowled well and we all had fun.

Today, hubby's boss and his wife hosted a University of Tennessee football party/Noah's ark-themed baby shower for little P (how many babies get one of those?!?) They were so generous in putting together all the food and gifts and the most adorable cake I've ever seen.

And again, little P slept through 95% of the party so everyone said what an angel he is. Papa and I are just bracing for tonight thinking we may not be getting too much sleep since that's all he did today.
Aunty Busty (my sister) and her hubby are coming on Tuesday to meet their nephew. I know they'll spoil him rotten with hugs and kisses and cuddles and hopefully they'll spoil me rotten by mixing me up one of those delicious chocolate martinis they make. I've been craving one since I got pregnant. We can't wait for them to visit!

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