Monday, January 19, 2009

This might be the last post from Aunt Busty if P's mom figures out how to change her blog password

Ahem, is this thing on? [[taps microphone...]] Is anybody still reading?

This is Aunt Busty and I broke into And Baby Makes Three because, as a blogger myself (one-half of a team that tries to post every day, New Momma!), I'm personally affronted that someone (ahem, New Momma!) could let their blog languish for two months without filling us in on the amazement that is Baby Peyton. I think New Momma needs to realize that P isn't going to be little forever, that these days are precious and someday you're going to want to remember them (or, at least that's what my friends who are parents tell me-- as for me, I'm trying to memorialize every cute thing one or the other of my dogs does...)

Anyway, to fill you in on Peyton, he's got his learner's permit, has been dating a nice girl and is going to prom in a few months. Oh wait, it hasn't been quite that long since New Momma has posted... actually, P and his family just made a big move and if that wasn't enough excitement, he slept in his crib in his very own room all by himself for the first time.

But you don't visit this blog to hear about those things... admit it, you want to hear about the sordid details of how P pooped all over himself three times in one day (THOSE are the stories I'll be pulling out for future prom dates, P!) Apparently, Peyton not only enjoys his Baby Einstein exersaucer but he gets a bit, um, stimulated by it. To the point where he not only poops, but does it in such a way that it ends up leaving his diaper and climbing up his back. Any further details are hazy because I was too horrified by what New Momma had described to listen closely, but it included the phrase "ended up in his hair and on his face." Yeah, I'm not sure how that happens either-- that boy has talent.

Enough embarrassment for the little guy for one post, I suppose. And don't worry, Peyton, I have enough cute photos of you to make up for the less-than-flattering stories. 
Love (and those embarrassing kisses where I leave lipstick all over your cheeks), Aunt Busty