Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Think I'll Just Stay Home From Now On

Hello all! Sorry I've been a little MIA lately. A 7 pound, 12 ounce little bundle has been keeping me pretty busy. But, we did manage to take our maiden voyage out of the house today to WalMart of all places. And I discovered something that as a working woman I never realized before. All the idiots of the world shop at WalMart during the day while the rest of us are working. Or at least that's the case where I live. I wasn't feeling too well to begin with, as I'm still recovering from a pretty traumatic delivery but I managed to slowly make my way around the store gathering some essentials I needed. Then I got to the checkout, where some lady couldn't get her credit card to go through. Think she tried another card? No, instead the cashier turned on her blinking light and they proceeded to wait for a manager who didn't appear after 5 minutes. Thinking I could get through checkout more quickly in another line, I moved down to one with only one lady ahead of me. I loaded all my items on the belt before I realized what kind of a moron was in front of me. This lady had a full cart and wanted to pay for her items via several methods of payment. But mind you, she didn't want her total purchases to exceed $200 for some reason so once she saw the register at $204, she starting handing items back to the cashier to remove. Then, through broken English, she tried to explain to the cashier that she wanted $50 put on her credit card and that she would pay for the rest of the items with a check but she wanted a cell phone rung up separately. The cashier was confused but then again so was I, so I can't fault her for that. After swiping her credit card, writing out a check, having the cell phone rung up and discovering that she had now exceeded her limit on her credit card, the lady then wrote out a second check. Meanwhile, I'm starting to sweat profusely and get the shakes, probably from low blood sugar and overexerting myself, as I've pretty much laid in bed or around the house for the past week and can't handle all this exercise. Luckily, sweet Peyton was happily napping in his little car seat. When it was my turn, I paid for everything with just one method of payment and left the store with a new realization. I think my baby, who can't yet talk, walk or see more than a foot in front of his face, is already smarter than most of the people I've encountered today.
(A big thank you to Aunty Busty who filled in for me while I was giving birth. Peyton is a lucky boy to have such a crazy aunt!)


FunnyGal KAT said...

I don't go to Wal-Mart for things, I go for entertainment. Seriously, I don't think I've ever left that place without a story for the blog.

Hope you're feeling better!
-Aunt Busty

SouthernBelle said...

Baby is ADORABLE. But you already knew that. And yes, he is most likely smarter than the average WalMart customer.

sj said...

he is so friggin' cute! i get those same symptoms in line at walmart. how odd. and i haven't even had a nearly 8 pound melon squeezed from me.

Srg said...

Yup - they put up a wal-mart in my hometown a few years ago and i was amazed at the people that came out of the woodwork to go there! The best was the time I encountered the woman who was wearing sweatpants that were cut off to make shorts (in the middle of winter) but were turned inside-out with stains all over the back!

And Peyton is just adorable!

Karen said...

I am just happy to hear I am not the only one who has crazy experiences at Wal-mart. I stopped going about a year ago. I decided there just weren't enough drugs in the world. I would get the sweats and shakes just walking in. It was like panic attack mode every time. I lead a much better life now that I have cut them out of my life.
Funny though, I've seen the multiple payment method. It really should be illegal.