Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And Baby makes three!

Hello, it's Aunty Busty here (although you'll be shocked to learn that's not my real name). Wondering why I'm writing on the Gooch blog today? Well, read on (or just skip to the bold part for the gist of things...)

I've been answering all of Mama Gooch's calls for the last two weeks with, "Are you in labor?" And she has sighed and said, "No, not yet." So it was kind of poetic justice that I was woken up this morning and didn't think fast enough to say it when I answered her call... which happened to be the one time she would have answered with "yes."

Mama Gooch went into labor around 3 a.m. (and please don't ask her how she knew she was in labor because she told me and it's, uh, a little too gross to repeat...) And her son(!) was born 11 short hours later (OK, it felt short to me being a thousand miles away, but Mama G. says it didn't feel so short to her).

Peyton Mathew came crying into this world at 1:45 today, weighing 8 lbs, 8 ounces. Mama Gooch reports that "He is so cute." And Aunty Busty reports that he's loud because I could hear him clearly while on the phone with his mom.

Oh, and Mama G. did it without drugs. It wasn't by choice, mind you, because I think she would have gladly taken any sort of pharmaceutical assistance the nurses were offering, but she dilated too quickly to partake of anything stronger than some IV pain relievers.

And, now, the photos of the little man of the hour:


Anonymous said...


sj said...


i have no idea why this wasn't my first guess when i heard KAT's voice mail that she had news... i was thinking about you guys all week what with hurricanes and all.

so glad everything happened so smoothly (enough, anyway) and that you're a family of three *people*.


Mrs. Palmer said...


He is absolutely adorable - and all that hair!!! Too cute!

I am so happy for you both!!

SouthernBelle said...

Awww babies!

*ovaries clenching*

He's lovely. You're very lucky!